Customer-centric vs consumer-centric business

Gartner defines customer centricity as, – “the ability of people in an organisation to understand customers’ situations, perceptions, and expectations.” Meaning, if you want to really know your ideal consumer, you need a strong customer-centric selling strategy.

Customer-centric selling is an empathetic, inside-out approach in which all teams — R&D, product management, marketing, sales, support — seek to learn and understand what your customer’s needs truly are.

Compare this to the more traditional consumer-centric selling, which is a product-focused, outside-in approach. Rather than asking questions, consumer-centric selling seeks to make a sale by judging and assuming what the customer’s needs truly are.

Benefits of customer centricity:

A customer-centric selling approach is more successful because it’s focused on building a sustainable, trusting relationship. Research tells us that today’s customers place the most trust in recommendations that come from people they know.

The aim is not to be a friend or family member to every customer, but, to strive to do the next best thing — “putting the consumer first in every strategy, plan and execution.” By doing so, brands will earn the trust of customers and foster positive word of mouth.

If employed correctly and combined with the right data-collection tools, a customer-centric selling strategy will help your brand better resonate with customers and strengthen both customer success and customer support. It will target their specific needs and pain points. Your customers will be better served because your brand will be providing a better overall value.

As a result, loyalty and trust will grow. Loyal customers will transform into full-fledged ambassadors who will help to positively characterise your brand by word-of-mouth. Your entire company will better understand and empathise with its audience. This will promote more innovative product development and an elevated cycle of inspired, engaged employees. 

It’s a full circle business culture, as the more engaged your employees are, the better the customer experience will be. And the better the customer’s experience is, the more customer loyalty and retention will increase — not to mention your revenue.

How can we help you?

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