From a Customer Perspective

Interpret trends in human behaviours

Consumer insights is the interpretation of trends in human behaviours, using the data to increase effectiveness of a product or service from a consumer standpoint. Hoed Research also uses the same principle to obtain insights for the manufacturer, supplier or reseller.

Increase your Product or Service effectiveness against the competition. Understanding human psychology in terms of consumer behaviour should be outsourced to a professional company. Hoed Research employs high-level insight auditors to explore the customer journey, product presentation, the sales process offered, and product recommended. This service focuses on a given group of products or services, and their competitors, providing useful insights into the benefits of purchasing one product or service over another. Are sales teams on incentives? Thus, promoting one product or service over another, to the detriment of promotional monies spent by the provider, supplier or manufacturer. What are they saying about your product or service?

The data collected in a ‘Consumer Insights’ package contains valuable information from a sales and recommendation point of view. For example, the culture of a brand and what it currently sells itself as. Businesses utilize this service to tailor what they currently offer to produce more sales and higher conversion rates.

Assessment Areas

  • Initial contact (online or store)
  • Customer interaction
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales skills – training
  • Recommendations
  • Close of sale

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