Customer comment June 2015

“We are continually impressed with what we have collectively worked towards over the duration of our relationship with HOED NZ. I have to be honest and say you guys really do come to the party with all we require”.

- Happy customers!
- Stunningly brilliant service – Large vehicle brand

“I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the team at HOED and the high level of customer service that I experience when dealing with the HOED team”

Large Corporate


“We are very pleased with the new Mystery Shop process and HOED”.

Internationally known vehicle brand.


“Gratitude expressed for a fantastic effort and a quality job.”

- Fast food Chain

“I have enjoyed working with the team, you certainly operate a professional ship.”

- Specialist Retailer

“We have been working with you for many years and over many projects. The Best Selling version that we developed has now been rolled out to 14 other countries. This unique development has seen us make huge strides in our customer delivery.”

- International Duty Free Organisation

“Thank goodness we have found a company that is onto it.”

- Group Association

“The completed analysis and review is excellent. A nice concise summary.”

- Large Supermarket Chain

“There is certainly some excellent work that you are doing with our various Departments, and it is great to see the outcomes from this.”

- Large Format Retail Chain