What condition does my parcel arrive in?

On Time as Promised

It takes a virus to sweep the world to prove just how beneficial online purchasing is. But what is the customer experience really like?

Modern trends within retail make it a fast-moving place for retailers themselves. Whether you own a small boutique or run a large chain of stores, there are many options to consider. From making sure your online eCommerce platform functions properly to selling via online marketplaces, as well as in-store. It is a constant battle to keep on top of everything and to know just how well (or not) you are performing.

Covertly audit both purchase options on a regular basis to gain important insights, enabling necessary changes to be made, thus further enhancing your customers’ online experience.

Measure the opportunity to ‘upsell’ when the customer comes in to collect their purchase. On time, as promised for both Collect and Deliver, is everything. Get this wrong and you may lose a customer forever. There are many other variables such as ID checks (or not), incorrect orders, product damage and the dreaded product ‘return’ itself. Was the order process effortless, navigation easy, delivery or collection as requested? Measure, measure, measure…and keep measuring.

Assessment Areas:

  • Ease of ordering
  • Ease of payment
  • Delivery date/time
  • In time as promised
  • Package condition
  • Content damage
  • Ease of return

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