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Settling in and looking forward with confidence

21 May 2020

Now, more than ever, understanding the customer’s experience is crucial to your success. I’m sure you’ll agree when we say the amount of change we’ve all had to adopt over the past few months has been immense (and fast). And… Read more

How has your business travelled this uncharted journey?

8 May 2020

For every story of business devastation, we’ve equally heard and seen stories of triumph.Teams who may have been stretched in terms of geography, have come together to help your customers, deliver the value, support and service that you know your… Read more

How are you?

19 March 2020

It’s incredible how fast the world can change. And as businesses we’re meant to run alongside the change train, and jump right on, and just go with it. It’s exhilarating for a few, but exhausting and stressful for so many… Read more

We make auditing the effectiveness of your Health and Safety Training Child’s Play

29 January 2020

You know Health and Safety training is important, however measuring its effectiveness can prove difficult. Behaviours that allow for safe workplaces require regular training, so compliance becomes a by-product of a safer workplace for everyone. It’s also essential you measure… Read more

Performance Matters

23 January 2020

IN BUSINESS SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.Performance Does. At HOED Research we gather, analyse and report relevant performance and compliance data that allows your company to respond quickly to issues. Talk to us today and see how your company measures up.

This could be the most incredible parting gift

28 November 2019

The say feedback’s a gift, and we’ve found some of the best feedback we’ve seen has come from staff members about to leave a business. While people leave for a myriad of reasons, there is a clarity that comes from… Read more

Three months in, and how is everyone feeling?

14 November 2019

Leave it to us and get real insight. You’ve brought in a new team member, settled them in, and they’re working with you. But how do they really feel about the role, the company and their future with you? Getting… Read more

Obtain Important Info About Your Competitors

24 October 2019

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” – Sun Tsu We’d never advocate going to war against your competitors! However, knowing what they are doing, how they are selling,… Read more

Review 2019. Be Ready for 2020.

15 October 2019

Is it just us or does every year go faster and faster? If all of your end of year tasks are piling up, take a load off and give your Business Review job to us! At the request of several… Read more

Lights. Action. Learn!

10 October 2019

Lights. Action. Learn! The digital age has many benefits, not least the ability to easily Video and Audio record actions and behaviours we need to mimic (or reduce!) Like the millions who flood to You Tube or podcasts every day… Read more