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Lights. Action. Learn!

Lights. Action. Learn! The digital age has many benefits, not least the ability to easily Video and Audio record actions and behaviours we need to mimic (or reduce!) Like the millions who flood to You Tube or podcasts every day to learn HOW TO, you and your team can learn from what you’ve captured. Listen[…]

Bringing the Big Reveal

There’s what we THINK is happening and what is REALLY happening. Which one are you using to make better decisions for your business?HOED Research can help you develop clear consumer insights to help you assess, plan and adjust your sales, marketing, or operational strategies You might need to know: This information is truly invaluable in[…]

Is it time to ditch the NPS?

Written by Amanda Stevens Inside Retail Contributor If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of NPS. Better yet, you probably know exactly what our organisation’s NPS is. Launched in 2003, before Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat, NPS is the most widely used system to measure and benchmark customer satisfaction. It is calculated based on an[…]

They’ll tell five people if happy. And thousands if not.

Do you have visibility across your various Online Enquiry platforms, such as Direct Email, Web Forms, Contact Us, Web Chat etc? Hundreds of emails in everyone’s inboxes every day. But some emails stick out. There are those that bring assurance and demonstrate responsiveness and a high degree of care and professionalism. These build your customer[…]

Compliance Audits – HOED can help remove some of the pain

Ensure your company processes and systems are providing consistent, high-level service across the whole team. Complying with regulations company-wide is a huge headache for many companies and organisations. It’s one thing at head office to say it’s all under control. It’s another to make sure it’s happening everywhere. So just how do you ensure the[…]