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Why COVID Compliance is a Pivotal Customer Experience Metric.

It’s exciting to be back in the office, speaking with clients and completing projects. However, it’s opened our eyes to the importance of COVID Compliance for successful business operations as Customer Expectations evolve and more pressure is put on businesses to provide outstanding Customer Experiences. In this particular time of crisis, a customer’s interaction with[…]

Its Time for Your Business Health Check.

History tells us that successful business owners are those that have a growth mindset and prioritise continuous improvement within their business and industry. As your business expands and grows, you experience successes and overwhelming times, which all present challenges that must be overcome. It’s pivotal for businesses to frequently evaluate their overall performance and state[…]

The Role of Mystery Shopping on Customer Experience (CX)

Mystery Shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for evaluating employee performance and business operations but there are many more benefits, which contribute to building on a business’s strengths and weaknesses. So what are some of these benefits? All businesses set out standards and operational procedures for employees to follow and it’s not always[…]

Top three trends to thrive post Covid-19.

While many businesses throughout New Zealand still struggle with the immediate effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of business strategy and forward-thinking cannot be ignored if you are to achieve long term success in a world after the crisis and beyond.  But what does this mean? In simple terms, business strategy becomes less of[…]

You asked, we listened… Check out our Digital Marketing Service!

For a long time, we’ve been asked whether we offer full service digital marketing solutions…so we’re excited to announce… We officially have the in-house capability to build digital marketing packages that fit your needs AND we’ll manage everything for you! From creative ad campaigns, specialised content creation and community engagement, our team works hard to[…]

Barriers to Full Utilisation of Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing, online visibility and effective online communication are a few of the most influential factors that will make or break a business today.  During the most volatile time for business owners, it is expected that you maintain a professional, timely and memorable level of service that displays a high degree of care for all consumers. Technology enables[…]

Insights – Post Pandemic Recovery

New research commissioned by MYOB revealed extremely valuable insights for businesses in New Zealand. The study explores how ineffective solutions are costing organisations time, money and growth opportunities. Here are “5 reasons why outdated solutions are ineffective” As all New Zealand businesses try to recover post-pandemic, the pace of disruption will only continue to ripple[…]

You Have Questions…

Such as “How is my business doing compared to the competition?” or “What do I need to do to ensure continued successful business outcomes?” HOED Research can undertake a market research study on your behalf, that will provide important insights, for you to action and ensure future positive outcomes for your customers. ‘Talk to Us[…]