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Formal Customer Relationship Surveys!

Customer relationship surveys remain an invaluable means of acquiring insights-rich data from long term customers. Spotting warning signs early on that are unique to your business is crucial for long term success. If enough customers complain about the same problem or a broken process, brands can take advantage of yet another opportunity to provide a[…]

Compliance Audits – HOED can help remove some of the pain

Ensure your company processes and systems are providing consistent, high-level service across the whole team. Complying with regulations company-wide is a huge headache for many companies and organisations. It’s one thing at head office to say it’s all under control. It’s another to make sure it’s happening everywhere. So just how do you ensure the[…]

Anticipate, don’t just ask for customer feedback!

The customer ‘experience’ landscape has certainly evolved over the past few months, you cannot simply ‘set and forget it’. Measure and understand the customer journey and overcome the short-sighted and ‘reactive’ nature of customer feedback surveys. Some 85% of customer opinions shared with brands is by taking Surveys post a visit or experience. Why wait[…]

Is it time to ditch the NPS?

Despite being a simple, easy to implement survey that serves as a benchmarking tool for customer satisfaction, the main problem with the NPS process is that it does just that: it measures Customer Satisfaction. But when was the last time you recommended a brand or business because you had a satisfactory experience? The other problem[…]

How are you?

It’s incredible how fast the world can change. And as businesses we’re meant to run alongside the change train, and jump right on, and just go with it. It’s exhilarating for a few, but exhausting and stressful for so many more. So – how are YOU doing today? We’ve been thinking about you, and what[…]

Lack of face masks deters shoppers

Research completed by HOED Research has found that customers are more reluctant to return to shops where retail staff do not wear face coverings. Shops where staff did not wear face masks reduced shoppers’ perceptions of safety and made them less likely to revisit a location. 45% of shoppers felt ‘Very Safe’ or 52% felt[…]

Market Research & Pulse Studies!

Capture actionable experience data by ascertaining how you stack up against the competition. Find out why customers become or remain non-buyers as well as obtain an overall impression of the organisation. Asking targeted and specific questions gives companies a good indication of where they sit in the marketplace, but also yields valuable data that can[…]