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At Hoed Research we offer expert advice regarding the capture of Customer Experience Insights (CX), Mystery Shopping (Qualitative & Quantitative), Compliance Audits, Price Comparison packages, Loss Prevention programs, Onboarding Assessments and Exit Interviews, plus other services, all tailored to your specific business needs.

We would love the opportunity to help you solve any issues you are currently experiencing.

Book a call with Richard, an accomplished and people centric executive with over 30 years local and international Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Research and Business Management experience. Richard has specialist knowledge in client experience management and client engagement technology with a practical ‘how to’ approach.

Richard’s approach is visionary, and solutions based with a particular passion for organisational and key stakeholder engagement, growth and development. He has a knack for and a proven background in developing and delivering on innovative initiatives and commercially complex projects.

What’s the point, what’s the benefit to you or your business, you may ask?

After two decades of working with businesses of all sizes and industry type, we generally see an immediate uplift in staff and customer engagement, revenue growth and profitability, dependent on the services employed, and subsequent action taken by management.

This offer is FREE and will therefore cost you nothing other than 20 minutes of your time.

Richard’s specific areas of expertise are:
Client Experience Management
Client Engagement Technology
Qualitative & Quantitative Research
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Stakeholder Engagement
Brand Development and Management
Product Innovation
Strategy Development
Relationship Management
Local and International Trade Services

Book your FREE 20-minute call today, to find out how Hoed Research can help support your business. Either email Richard at or Text or Call on mobile 0274 484473.