Benefits of Mystery Shopping.

Mystery shopping is undoubtedly one of the best tools that businesses can use to measure the quality of service in their stores, staff performance levels, compliance with rules and regulations or simply just to acquire specific information about their products and services.

Mystery shopping benefits the business as it gives owners reliable and objective feedback from the “customers’ perspective”. It’s a resource that will test KPIs and KRA’s of the business under evaluation and can be used to grow the business and grow excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

What Are the Benefits of Mystery Shopping?

1. Improves Customer Service and Satisfaction:

Mystery shoppers evaluate customer service in stores as they look to see how employees interact with customers. This gives businesses an insight into customer satisfaction, and it will soon become apparent if any employees display behaviours that may eventually contribute to lower satisfaction scores.

When customer service is the core of your business, you need to deliver the highest possible standard. However, knowing where your team excels, and where they need additional training, is not straightforward. With regular mystery shopping, you can ensure your team is representing your business well and treating your customers to outstanding service.

2. Cost Benefit:

Business owners will forever be looking to minimise costs when it comes to evaluating the customer experience and the HOED Research mystery shopping program is an invaluable option, as our services are all competitively priced, and compare favourably with other CX auditing services.

3. Identifies Problems:

Regardless of whether your business is large or small, there may be problems present that you are not aware of. A poor result on a mystery shopping evaluation is a clear opportunity to learn and do better. It allows a business to know exactly what to focus on and how. Poor results actioned correctly will grow and strengthen the business.

4. Develops New Ideas:

A problem that many owners often face is coming up with new research ideas for how they can improve their business. Working and being inside the business every day can lead to “tunnel vision” and make it difficult to obtain a true understanding of how the business can improve. Mystery shopping is a great tool that can be used to stimulate research ideas as an “outsider” may have suggestions that may have never been considered.

5. Recognises Outstanding Employees:

Great customer service may sometimes go unnoticed. Therefore, being able to identify and reward those employees who consistently provide great service and conduct their work to a high standard will 1.) Enhance the employee experience and 2.) Make others take notice. This can lead to increased productivity as other employees also strive to succeed to get recognised.

6. Reviews Your Brand/Reputation:

Brands want to be recognised for having specific values and qualities. These can all be perceived through employees, staff, business processes, services, products, and establishments. A mystery shopping exercise will immediately indicate if your customers are perceiving the brand image that you want to portray or if you need to improve and invest more in this area.

7. Evaluates Your Entire Store:

Mystery Shoppers analyse the entire shopping experience. Not only do they evaluate customer service, but they also take everything into account in their reporting. This includes the cleanliness of the store, how tidy the product displays are, the space allocated for your products, point of sale, staff presentation, stock availability and so much more!

8. Addresses Staff Training Needs:

Mystery Shopping reports highlight professionalism, helpfulness, integrity, appearance, and knowledge of employees during the whole shopping process. At times, the employee may not necessarily be at fault for not providing an outstanding customer service but rather It could be their initial lack of training that is now causing concerns for the business and its poor performance. This key information makes businesses aware that they need to improve their staff training or risk losing business to their competitors.

Key Points to Remember

  • The benefits of mystery shopping will vary for each business. The size and industry of your business is a factor, as well as the needs of your business.
  • Mystery shopping programs can be organised for a variety of different reasons, with each program specially targeted to produce benefits in the areas you need most.
  • Utilising a professional Mystery Shopping company like HOED Research is essential to getting the best results, however before our meeting together it is always beneficial to determine what you want to achieve with your mystery shopping program.
  • We encourage business owners to be open and honest with employees and inform them that a mystery shopper could come into their store at any time. As a result, they may be more likely to provide excellent customer service all the time and to every customer, as they won’t know who the mystery shoppers are. This way, staff won’t feel like they were blindsided after the fact. Let them know that you are using it as a tool to improve overall service.

How can we help you?

At HOED Research, we offer our clients the best Mystery Shopping solutions and tools in the market. We have a highly qualified team of mystery shoppers nationwide, who are well-trained to observe and spot the most delicate details. Each programme we undertake is tailor-made to suit each client’s needs. Finally, all results are collated in our extensive professional reporting, which is available to view online. It’s our unique ability to deliver the best results in a small amount of time, whilst not missing any of the little details that make us a desirable partner to our clients.