Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mystery Shopping Company.

Mystery Shopping is still identified as one of the BEST TOOLS to measure quality of customer service, or to gather specific information about products and services, which can then be utilised to further train staff where necessary or to innovate and improve existing products and services so that they’re consistently aligning with or exceeding consumer expectations.

A Professional Mystery Shopping Company like HOED Research is pivotal for any organisation that is looking to boost sales and generating traffic. Here at HOED Research, we believe that outstanding customer service and the attributes related to staff behaviour are the prime contributors to any and all organization’s success and are the main keys to continuous repeat business.


The Team at HOED will give you the chance to gain an outsider’s perspective, which helps to identify and analyse the shortcomings and pain points present in your organisation. This process enables your business to significantly increase customer experiences and identify opportunities for improvement of products and services, which is the recipe for creating a roadmap to success!

Let’s take you through three of the main benefits:

  1. Developing Consumer Insights: When it comes to engaging with your target market, it is important to gather insights that will help your organisation to understand their wants and needs. This information helps to define your organisations strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for improvement. 

    For the HOED Research Team, attaining these insights is a walk in the park, as we specialise in “actionable insights” and understanding consumers so our team will curate strict requirements, rules, and guidelines for our trained “mystery consumers” (Evaluators) to follow, which will directly test the KPI’s and KRA’s of the business under evaluation.

  2. Nurturing Company Reputation: Having a positive brand image and reputation is essential for success and help from our expert team can help your organisation to identify pitfalls in customer service channels. There are many ways we can inspect the customer service provided, and with the results, we can pinpoint any issues in our reporting to ensure that organisations can quickly tend to these potential errors.

  3. Decision-Making Assistance: Mystery Shopper experience results are submitted into carefully designed survey questionnaires which ‘score’ the visit and integrate the results into high level reportable documents, like a performance report, which are available online. 

    This process and the insights received act as a helping hand for business owners to make crucial decisions regarding future growth and the condition of their current business model. Furthermore, these detailed reports can also help business owners make better decisions when it comes to recruiting new staff.

With the ups and downs we’ve all experienced over the last two years, it’s never been more important than now to intrinsically understand your customers and what their expectations are. Because the next step is to identify where your business sits when it comes to meeting or even exceeding these expectations to ensure that your business remains competitive in the market. How? As we’ve said before, the most effective and efficient way to do this is by utilising mystery shopping via a professional market research company like HOED Research – we do all the hard work for you and provide extensive professional reporting to help make your life easier.

At HOED Research, we offer our clients the best Mystery Shopping solutions and tools in the market. We have a highly qualified team of mystery shoppers nationwide, who are well-trained to observe and spot the most delicate details. Each programme we undertake is tailor made to suit each clients’ needs. Finally, all results are collated in our extensive professional reporting, which is available to view online. It’s our unique ability to deliver the best results in a small amount of time, whilst not missing any of the little details that make us a desirable partner to our clients.