Barriers to Full Utilisation of Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing, online visibility and effective online communication are a few of the most influential factors that will make or break a business today. 

During the most volatile time for business owners, it is expected that you maintain a professional, timely and memorable level of service that displays a high degree of care for all consumers.

Technology enables us to do so, but many businesses do not effectively utilise their digital resources, such as websites, blogs, googles ads, SEO, social media marketing, EDM’s etc.

Why is this the case?

It’s not that businesses don’t understand the importance of digital marketing and online visibility, the problem derives from the complexity of the digital space. 

Business decision-makers are often scared away due to a few key reasons (as above):

  • Lack of training, resources and knowledge.
  • Lack of resources to manage.
  • Lack of budget to maintain.
  • Complicated setup.

However, there are many benefits to digital marketing. Let’s dive into four of the big ones, now.

  1. Hyper-targeting: The ability to identify and target a highly specific audience, enabling the creation of very ‘personalised’ messages which will convert at greater rates. In simples terms, you can target only the prospects who are most likely to purchase your product or service. 
  2. Cost-Effective: Traditional marketing is expensive, whereas digital marketing gives you complete control over where and how much you choose to spend. Ultimately, you choose exactly how you get the most bang for your buck!
  3. Competitive Advantage: Digital marketing allows you to be very strategic. Search engines don’t care how big the brand is, instead, they will prioritise content that resonates best with the audience.
  4. Measurable: Comprehensive analytics, from start to finish. Tracking every view, impression, share, like, click and intrinsic detail of your audience. Ultimately, you can measure the ROI of any aspect of your digital marketing efforts.

So what’s the secret to success? Let’s have a chat and find out ….

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