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How well does your team respond to online requests?

Are you easily reachable, do you respond in a timely manner? In today’s challenging market conditions, businesses are feeling the pinch. But have you considered how well your team responds to online requests for your services? Often, we overlook our own “front door” – the online forms, website enquiries, and social media requests that shape[…]

What Sets Successful Businesses Apart in the Same Industry?

Have you ever wondered why some businesses excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences while others fall short, even within the same industry? What are they doing differently? Let’s explore the key factors that distinguish good from bad customer experiences. Communication:Good CX: Prompt, clear, and ‘friendly’ responses.Bad CX: Slow, vague, and unhelpful replies. Personalisation:Good CX: Tailored experiences based on preferences.Bad CX: Generic one-size-fits-all approach.[…]

Enhancing The Customer Experience: Mystery Shopping AND Digital Platforms

Both digital platforms AND mystery shopping play an essential role in gathering customer feedback, but their importance depends on the context and goals of the business. It is important to proactively manage any digital channel and not simply setting (implementing) and forgetting. This is why mystery shopping becomes important as it provides a necessary ‘check’[…]

Powerful Insights

At Hoed Research, we recognise the critical role that robust reporting plays in informed decision-making. Therefore, we have decided to be transparent with our online dashboards and mobile solutions, by including sample images below, and an option to log directly into the Hoed Insights portal. Why Is Good Reporting Important? Informed Decision MakingBefore embarking on any survey[…]

Business Potential

At Hoed Research, we are your trusted partner in driving performance improvement through a range of specialised services. Let’s explore how we can support your business: Customer Experience Insights (CX) Mystery Shopping (Qualitative & Quantitative) Compliance Audits Loss Prevention Competitor Analysis & Pricing Customised Solutions Why Choose Hoed Research? Industry ExpertiseWith over 28 years of experience,[…]

Service Differentiation is a powerful strategy for driving revenue growth!

1. Service Differentiation What is it?Service Differentiation involves designing and delivering unique and valuable characteristics relative to other services in the market. How can you differentiate your services? 2. Tiered Service Offerings Airlines use a tiered approach (Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class) to cater to different customer segments. Whilst Economy class may be average,[…]

What is store atmosphere and how do you measure it?

Store atmosphere refers to the overall ambiance and environment within a retail space. It greatly influences customer perceptions, emotions, and buying behaviour. Creating an inviting store atmosphere involves several factors, and measuring it requires both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Let’s dive into some tips for creating an appealing store atmosphere and how to ‘measure’ its[…]

What is the future of Mystery Shopping?

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and consumer behaviour, the future of Mystery Shopping remains intriguing. Let’s delve into its prospects: In summary, while the landscape has shifted, the essence of mystery shopping, evaluating customer experiences, remains vital. Businesses must adapt to digital channels while maintaining a strong focus on service quality and consumer satisfaction,[…]

Hoed Research Profiled in Barfoot & Thompson Office Options Magazine

Recently Hoed Research was approached by the Barfoot & Thompson team to include two Customer Related Service articles, written by MD, Richard J Potton, in their March 2024 Office Options magazine. Please click on the link below to view. Our team’s extensive experience with various clients allows us to offer valuable insights and practical[…]