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Regulatory compliance audits describe the goal that organisations aspire to achieve. This service ensures businesses are aware they have to comply to relevant laws, company policies and standards, and regulations. Use auditing to evaluate if operations are acting in accordance with said rules. Any subject matter can be audited as Hoed has a range of systems in place that can reach all over New Zealand.

Every business has processes and systems in place to provide consistent, high-level service. After a while, regulatory guidelines are forgotten by team members and certain measures must be taken. From auditing internal systems to understanding outsourced work and the company’s adherence to guidelines, companies use this service to review how closely terms of agreements are being followed. There are many types of audits.

No two audit programmes we offer are the same and HOED Research understands the severity of all audit and compliance requirements. We also carry out compliance audits in relation to adherence to the law and consumer acts.

Once audits and compliance checks have been completed, results are compiled into high level reports and can be accessed via your online dashboard.

As a result of an audit, stakeholders can effectively evaluate and improve the effectiveness of management, controls, asset management and governance over any subject matter.

Assessment Areas

  • Any industry or business
  • Overt & Covert audits
  • On premises
  • Auditors announced (ID and introduction)
  • Monthly or annually

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