Audit and Compliance

Complying with regulations company-wide is a huge headache for many companies and organisations.  

A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organisation’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. Audit reports look at the strength and meticulousness of compliance measures, security policies, user access controls and risk management processes over the course of a compliance audit. 

Importance of Compliance auditing

Compliance auditing can assist a company to identify areas in need of improvement and forage paths for development. For example, information provided by a compliance audit can help reduce risk, at the same time sidestep any legal trouble or federal fines for noncompliance. 

This is where the team at HOED Research can help. We’re already known for our Mystery Shopping services, but we can also conduct covert or overt Compliance Audits across behaviour, systems and processes, and asset management in all outlets, stores, or offices. 

Much like the laws, compliance programs are in a constant state of change as existing regulations evolve and new ones are realised. Therefore, compliance auditing can provide an outline of internal business processes that can be altered and enhanced as regulations and requirements change. HOED Research can prevent you from falling short of any regulatory or company requirements. 

How can Hoed Research help?

At Hoed Research, we provide our clients with tested methodologies to comply with regulations. We have a national field force that have been trained to assess and audit all details and requirements that a business is required to follow. 

Hoed Research is also a full member of MSPA-Europe and MSPA Asia-Pacific. This means we follow a ‘code of ethics’ which sets us apart from other providers.

We would love to help. Give us a call today or submit a request online.