Are you emotionally intelligent?

iStock_000015634604Large I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of emotional intelligence – the ability to absorb emotional cues and use it to guide behaviour. And the more time I spend in business (marketing in particular) the more it’s clear what a valuable asset this is in your employees. Even if you’re not in marketing, knowing and recognising the signs of emotional intelligence are critical. This is particularly important for those employees that are ‘self-motivated’. Self-motivated individuals are a treat to work with and manage. Because they’re typically rewarded less by outside stimuli such as pay and recognition, company politics etcetera and more by their own goals and interests, they can handle disappointment and negative outcomes well due to their bigger-picture, long-term outlook. Something else that ties in with emotional intelligence is the reliance on intuition and experience by executives when making business decisions. Despite the push towards greater use of big data and analytics (current trends) business executives are still making their decisions based on their ‘gut’ feel. Of course there is formal analysis of data and input from peers and internal management teams to assist in the process, however the ‘gut’ is still a leading indicator for executives when making a final decision to proceed or not to proceed. Experience and intuition and data analysis are not mutually exclusive – it is a matter of figuring out how to integrate the two. Trust your instincts as you are probably correct 99% of the time and remember to be empathetic. Richard J Potton – Managing Director Tweet: @richardjpotton