A Record 19% of Brands have let CX Quality Slide in 2022!

Dont Let This Be You!

The latest data from Forrester indicates that customer experience (CX) standards have fallen for 19% of brands in 2022 – taking CX quality back to early 2020 levels. 

These statistics derive from the latest US 2022 Customer Experience Index rankings, which reported the highest proportion of brands to drop in one year since the establishment of the survey seven years ago. The report speculates that the dramatic drop is a result of a decreased focus on customers.

Forrester has suggested that in 2022 only 3% of US companies appear to be ‘customer obsessed’ (i.e. putting customers at the centre of their leadership, strategy, and operations), which ultimately represents a decrease of 7% from the previous year. 

On the other hand, industries such as airlines, auto manufacturers, and hotels have also suffered losses in their average CX Index scores as a result of environmental factors like staffing shortages, inflation, rising costs and supply issues.

The investment industry appears to be the only industry seeing CX improvements in 2022.

Rick Parrish, VP and research director at Forrester stated that –
“CX quality in the US, which reached new heights in 2021, has fallen to pre-pandemic levels due to brands losing their customer focus,”. “This is unfortunate for businesses that survived the worst of the pandemic but are now losing CX-driven customer loyalty gains. For brands to regain CX momentum, leaders will need to refocus their behaviour on helping their companies become customer-obsessed.”

The recommendations suggested by Forrester in their June 2022 report align perfectly with what we at HOED Research have been communicating with our clients and dedicated readers all year! This is that brands need to be focusing more on emotion – as something that evidently continues to be a key driver for delivering high levels of CX performance.

54% of customers who report positive emotions like feeling happy, valued, and appreciated are willing to forgive brands that make mistakes. 

Conducted for the seventh year in a row, Forrester’s Customer Experience Benchmark Survey collects data to calculate Forrester CX Index scores and is based on more than 96,000 US customers across 221 brands and 13 industries, which means that we can take great confidence in the stats that are being reported each year.

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