Creating the right survey!

When we strip away the glamor, the surveys we create and administer are nothing more than data collection platforms. Novice researchers may focus on basic question types, but as we expand our skills the more astute researcher realizes there are many ways to capture data through the questions asked. More often than not a prospect client will shop around for a provider based on price alone. This is a big mistake. Knowing the audience and the ‘desired outcome’ allows us to frame questions in a manner which generates the most meaningful data possible. When this is combined with an understanding of the decision-makers needs (such as set KPI’s or KRA’s, company goals and objectives etc.) then we can craft effective surveys to measure brand awareness, physical and online delivery or overall customer satisfaction. Working with a proven provider such as HOED or VIGIL will deliver real value by getting to the core issues more quickly, which will ultimately save you money and improve your bottom line. Richard J Potton MD for HOED NZ and VIGIL NZ