Does Customer Experience still matter during COVID?

29 September 2021

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly forced businesses across all industries to rapidly adapt to change and has put pressure on businesses to digitally innovate or remain stagnant and risk being left behind. 

So, the team at HOED asked the question, ‘Does Customer Experience (CX) still matter during a COVID-19 crisis-driven society/world?’

The answer was simple, yes customer experience matters more now than ever before! We are huge advocates for understanding “people”. Especially the importance of the connection between employee experiences and customer experiences. 

COVID-19 has caused a lot of displacement for employees in all types of industries and this directly impacts the way businesses operate and engage with their customers. Employees more than ever need a sense of purpose within their careers and when businesses don’t fulfil this need it affects the service provided and overall customer experience. 

“You can not give your customers a positive experience if you haven’t given your employees a positive experience” 

– Richard Potton – Hoed Director

The COVID-19 crisis has and will continue to cause a lot of disruption in the market. However, it has also opened up a lot of opportunities for organisations to look towards innovative solutions that will launch their businesses forward in alignment with the evolution of consumer expectations.

“It’s not just about waiting to ‘reopen’ your business, it’s about reinvesting your time and reinventing your business via technology and digital solutions that are readily available to be utilised”

– Lisa – Hoed Digital Marketing Manager

For example, a lot of businesses have rushed off the mark to offer services such as click and collect, and contactless delivery that previously was not part of their business model. For some, it has been a success but for others, it’s been a more difficult transition.

“If you’re going to introduce new capabilities for your customers to utilise, as a business, you need to be 100% sure you can fulfil them because if you can’t that can be detrimental for your brand”

– Richard Potton – Hoed Director

Ultimately, the world is going to be different post-pandemic, and businesses must choose to adapt to the technologies available, utilise them effectively and efficiently and at the forefront of everything, UNDERSTAND YOUR PEOPLE! 

“Business Owners have a responsibility to be better, quicker, more personalised and to use technology/digital solutions to evolve with the market. It’s the process of constantly choosing to not be afraid of change or obsessed with the ‘old ways’. This is how businesses will continue to exceed customer expectations and create optimum customer experiences”

– Lisa – Hoed Digital Marketing Manager

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