Monthly Archives: September 2021

Does Customer Experience still matter during COVID?

29 September 2021

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly forced businesses across all industries to rapidly adapt to change and has put pressure on businesses to digitally innovate or remain stagnant and risk being left behind.  So, the team at HOED asked the question,… Read more

You asked, we listened… Check out our Digital Marketing Service!

22 September 2021

For a long time, we’ve been asked whether we offer full service digital marketing solutions…so we’re excited to announce… We officially have the in-house capability to build digital marketing packages that fit your needs AND we’ll manage everything for you!… Read more

Barriers to Full Utilisation of Digital Marketing Tools

9 September 2021

Digital marketing, online visibility and effective online communication are a few of the most influential factors that will make or break a business today.  During the most volatile time for business owners, it is expected that you maintain a professional, timely and… Read more

Insights – Post Pandemic Recovery

2 September 2021

New research commissioned by MYOB revealed extremely valuable insights for businesses in New Zealand. The study explores how ineffective solutions are costing organisations time, money and growth opportunities. Here are “5 reasons why outdated solutions are ineffective” Generates extra costs… Read more