Monthly Archives: October 2020

Anticipate, don’t just ask for customer feedback!

29 October 2020

The customer ‘experience’ landscape has certainly evolved over the past few months, you cannot simply ‘set and forget it’. Measure and understand the customer journey and overcome the short-sighted and ‘reactive’ nature of customer feedback surveys. Some 85% of customer… Read more

Are your insights delivering an improved experience?

22 October 2020

Simply utilising technology to turn on customer ‘listening’ channels and waiting for insights to roll in, is why so many programs either fail or return insights that are murky at best.  Most important is establishing what you want to achieve… Read more

Is it time to ditch the NPS?

15 October 2020

Despite being a simple, easy to implement survey that serves as a benchmarking tool for customer satisfaction, the main problem with the NPS process is that it does just that: it measures Customer Satisfaction. But when was the last time… Read more

How are you?

8 October 2020

It’s incredible how fast the world can change. And as businesses we’re meant to run alongside the change train, and jump right on, and just go with it. It’s exhilarating for a few, but exhausting and stressful for so many… Read more