Monthly Archives: June 2020

What are you waiting for?

25 June 2020

Why wait for negative feedback before making changes to the customer journey? Some 85% of customer opinions shared with brands is by taking Surveys post a visit or experience. Research by DISQO (31 May 2020) is reproduced below. How Customers… Read more

Which Supermarket is best value for money?

23 June 2020

A basket of 64 products from New Zealand’s most well-known brands, including food, personal care, and household cleaning items was sampled, and Pak n Save comes out tops, with a savings of 13% (rounded) compared to the most expensive brand…. Read more

Anticipate, don’t just ask for customer feedback!

19 June 2020

The customer ‘experience’ landscape has certainly evolved over the past few months, you cannot simply ‘set and forget it’. Measure and understand the customer journey and overcome the short-sighted and ‘reactive’ nature of customer feedback surveys. Some 85% of customer… Read more