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Mystery Shopping

Are your staff representing your business and treating your customers as you would hope? Taking The Mystery Out Of Mystery ShoppingOur mystery shopping services can help you find out.

Regular mystery shopping helps businesses ensure their Customer Service standards are being met and that their staff are staying alert and reaching for their KPIs.

With an active field force covering all locations throughout New Zealand and all demographics, Hoed will provide you with the information required to assess your current customer service offering, highlight areas for refinement, incentivize improvements and allow for tactical decision-making.

Hoed will design a solution tailored to your business and your business goals. Hoed offer Visit surveys, Telephone surveys, Website surveys, Email surveys, Click and Collect surveys and Overt surveys where our shoppers will reveal themselves and hand over a prize if staff exhibit a specific behaviour. Hoed can even record your surveys, via audio or video, so you can see exactly how your customers are being treated.


Brand and Retail Compliance Audits

photo-1448932223592-d1fc686e76eaFind out if your staff, retail channel partners or franchises are properly representing your brand values and products and evaluate your brand’s position in-store and in the minds of your customers.

Whether overtly or covertly, Hoed will tell you what is happening in-store and if your brand is being appropriately represented through point of sale, on-shelf availability and product knowledge.

Hoed also assess compliance in the Health & Safety, Liquor & Tobacco and Food Safety industries.


Competitor Comparison

Customer experience has become the greatest differentiator. In order for you to surpass your competition, it is essential you know what they are offering. Hoed will measure your competition so you can make improvements to outperform them.


Best Shop Surveys

Hoed undertake large-scale mystery shopping surveys as part of the judging criteria for business awards and single brand or group competitions across New Zealand.

Hoed understand that all businesses are different so we offer a wide variety of tailored services such as competitor price checks, parallel importing surveys, loss prevention surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and employee customer service training.


For more information, contact the Hoed Research team on 0800 164 470 or sales@hoed.co.nz